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Safety equipment

Safety Equipment and Protective Wear

Create a safe workplace environment with high-quality products from Sam's Club®. Supply your staff with protective clothing and safety equipment to help avoid injury and accidents on the job. We carry OSHA-compliant products for construction sites, hospitals, airports and other environments. This includes safety signs, barriers and gear to protect the head, face, eyes and ears.

Safety/Construction Signs

Keep staff and customers safe with the placement of caution signs that warn of potential hazards such as a wet floor or icy steps. We also carry exit signs to direct people in the case of a fire. Along with minimizing the risk of workplace accidents, the use of safety signs can further help you avoid costly lawsuits and building code fines.

Protective Wear

Help ensure the safety of your workers with the appropriate attire and protective wear. These items will provide protection from injury including burns, cuts and contamination. Depending on industry regulations, you or your staff may be required to wear reflective vests, gloves or gowns. Shop Sam’s Club to find the right clothing for your work environment.

Safety Equipment

Protecting the head, face, eyes and ears is crucial in potentially hazardous working conditions. This is why we carry a variety of products made to protect and prevent workplace injuries such as ear plugs, hard hats, eyewear, face shields and steel toe boots that protect the feet. You’ll also find items that can provide you with added support and emergency equipment if needed. This includes back support belts, knee pads and wrist supports.

We know that safety is of the utmost importance to you and your business. Find all of the products you’ll need to keep both workers and visitors safe here at Sam’s Club. Purchase all of these items at members-only prices.

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