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Sam’s Club® carries a wide array of safes that are designed to protect your personal items at home or the office. They are available in a variety of options with some featuring digital technology.

Types of Safes

Depository safes from names such as Mesa Safe and SentrySafe are ideal for small businesses that handle cash on a regular basis. These safes can come with separate manager and user codes and have programmable time delay up to a minute. They usually feature a durable all-steel design. These safes can also be waterproof and fireproof. There are models that have slots to allow you to quickly deposit bills, but thin enough to prevent anyone from removing the contents inside.

Security safes are great for the home or an office. They are designed to help you safely store personal items, such as cash and jewelry. There are models that come with a programmable lock, an overriding key, adjustable shelving and a carpeted interior. Security safes are constructed with solid-steel and come in a variety of sizes to better suit your needs.

Choosing a Safe

When you're looking for a safe at Sam’s Club, we have some tips to help you find the right one for you. By focusing on where you need the safe, you should be able to select the ideal type.

For those who need a safe for private documents at work, there are a variety of models that can feature a file cabinet style, a solid steel construction, concealed hinges and a bolt down kit to keep them in place.

Our range of fire safes are excellent choices for the home, a management office at a restaurant and other establishments. They are designed to protect valuables in case of fire.

At Sam’s Club, we strive to make sure you find the right safe for your needs and budget within our extensive selection.