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Roof & gutter accessories

Roof and Gutter Accessories

Whether you've recently replaced the roof on your home or you want to protect your foundation, siding and outdoor living areas from water damage, the right gutter accessories can make a huge difference. Sam's Club® carries a variety of roof and gutter accessories and other home improvement items at affordable prices.

Gutter Guards

There's nothing quite like dragging out a ladder so you can tackle removing all the leaves and other debris that collect in your gutters. Proper gutter cleaning is an essential part of making sure rain water is directed away from your home so that it doesn't cause damage. One way to lessen this messy cleaning job is by installing gutter guards. These guards fit over the tops of your existing gutters and help prevent debris from collecting in them.

Gutter guards provide a protective cover that lets rainwater through, but prevents leaves and other large debris from entering the gutter system. Leaf gutter guards also help prevent clogs that can lead to rust on the troughs, which improves the overall lifespan. In the winter, the lack of blockages protects against freezing that can result in torn or ripped gutters.

Types of Gutter Guards

Gutter guards come in different options that fit within most budgets. Gutter filtration systems provide a cost effective solution that's easy to install. These systems slide into your existing gutters and filter the water from other debris. The channels ensure proper drainage, and only require you to remove any debris and twigs from the top as needed.

Traditional gutter guard systems come in stainless steel that resists rusting and weathering. These systems fit over the gutter and prevent large particles from collecting inside. Most debris slides off of the gutter guards for easy cleanup, but you'll still need to do routine maintenance checks to remove anything that collects on top for added roof protection.

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