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Rockers, recliners & loungers

Rocker Recliners, Swivel Rockers & Reclining Chairs

Sam’s Club® offers a range of rockers, recliner and loungers in a variety of fabrics and styles. These are specialty home seating pieces that are designed to provide you with extra comfort and a feeling of luxury.

Types of Rockers, Recliners & Loungers

Recliners are popular in many homes, as they allow you to kick back and relax. At Sam’s Club, you'll find recliners that are upholstered in smooth fabrics, soft leather and plush microfiber and that come in various colors and patterns. Most recliners are controlled by a lever on the side of the seat.

Rockers are particularly appealing, as they can have either a modern or a classic design. Some rockers are made with wood and have a smooth, varnished finish. Other rockers have a patterned fabric along the back for extra comfort. Rockers with a polypropylene seat offer a sleek and minimalist style, as well as a smooth rocking motion.

Loungers allow you to sit with your legs out in front of you with your head supported by a back rest. Chaise lounges are typically upholstered in microfiber and have a curved design for ergonomic relaxation and retro styling. They are great for reading books or playing with electronic devices.

Shopping for Rockers, Recliners & Loungers

Whether you are shopping for a rocker, recliner or lounger, Sam’s Club has some tips to help you efficiently sort through the variety. Keep your style in mind. If you want a handcrafted wooden chair that offers excellent comfort, a classic rocker may be the right choice for you and your home. If you are interested in modern design, a power recliner that adjusts to your selected position with the push of a button is a great seating choice. When you want a comfortable seat for the gaming room, a lounge chair allows you to sit up and pay attention to the game while keeping your legs elevated for comfort.

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