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Restroom fixtures

Commercial Restroom Fixtures

Keep your restroom clean and well-stocked with products from Sam's Club®. Many of our products comply with the ADA and ANSI.

Baby Changing Station

Make your bathrooms family-friendly with the installation of a baby changing station. Great for restaurants, schools and governmental offices, they come in a variety of sizes and models to fit your restroom needs. Each station is bacteria resistant and easy to clean with just soap and water or a disinfectant. For added convenience and protection, they come equipped with safety belts and side hooks.

Changing Station Accessories

Keep the changing station fresh and clean with bed liners that will fit neatly and securely. These liners will act as a barrier between the baby and the top surface to minimize the spread of germs. They also work on baby changing tables, making them great for daycare centers and pre-schools.

Sensor Faucets for Restrooms

Suitable for use in hotels and businesses, sensor washroom faucets will operate without the need for hand contact. Once they detect hand movement, these smart faucets will automatically come on. When the user moves away, they will automatically shut-off. Their touch-free design can also help to prevent the spread of infections. Consequently, they are often required in hospitals and food processing plants. Other restroom fixtures such as soap dispensers and hand dryers may also help to fight against disease.

We carry a wide selection of bathroom fixtures and accessories for public restrooms including those in rest areas, shopping centers and airports. Sam’s Club offers top-quality products made by leading manufacturers. Browse our site today to find the right items to fit your needs and budget.

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