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Rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable Batteries

From hand-held video games to cameras and music players, today's high-tech electronic devices are everywhere in our day-to-day lives. Many of these use batteries up quickly, but replacing these batteries with disposable battery options is not always cost effective or good for the planet. At Sam's Club® you'll find a great selection of rechargeable batteries to suit almost any device.

When to Use Rechargeables

Not every device or appliance in your home or office will need rechargeable batteries. Items like smoke detectors, LED night lights and wall clocks, for example, use very little power. For these, general alkaline batteries like these options from Duracell® are sufficient. However, high-drain devices like MP3 players, video cameras, and video game consoles and controllers can go through batteries in just a few hours of heavy use. For these devices, buying rechargeable batteries that can be reused over and over again can help save both money and the environment.

Make Sure the Size Is Right

Most high-drain electronic devices use AA or AAA rechargeable batteries. These provide approximately 1.5 volts of electricity when fully charged. They are sold in sets and most work with a variety of charging stations. Other rechargeable battery options include 9-volt, C and D sizes, but these are uncommon and rarely used. You can also find select button batteries in rechargeable options as well.

Look for Reputable Brands

When purchasing rechargeable batteries, a brand with a good reputation and solid sales base is more likely to stand behind its products and provide options with superior performance. Duracell rechargeable batteries, for example, have an NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) core and can be recharged over 400 times. They also feature Duralock Power Preserve Technology that allows them to hold a charge for up to 1 year, even in storage. They are also guaranteed to last 5 years.

Sam’s Club offers great deals on general-purpose batteries in multiple sizes and formats so you can find the right recharging solution without breaking the bank.

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