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Receipt & sales books

Receipt and Sales Books

Receipt and sales books make it simple to provide customers and yourself with a record of all sales. From single-copy guest checks for servers to two-copy books for recording purchases and sales, Sam's Club® carries the office supplies you need for optimal customer service and record keeping.

Money Receipt Books

Money receipt books from brands like Adams, Rediform and TOPS feature one to four slips per page. Single-page booklets have a small design that fits easily in a pocket for use when outside of the office. Books with multiple sales receipts per page let you quickly keep track of hourly and daily sales numbers, while still providing customers with the receipts they need for their own records. These books come in spiral-bound options that let you turn pages easily without damaging previous copies. Most sales books feature a carbonless design. Carbonless sales books reduce the mess and make sure there are no extra, unwanted copies that contain personal information.

Receipt books that feature repositionable adhesive can be used to attach a customer's copy directly to the items being sold. This protects against loss and helps sellers and customers determine what goes with each order at a glance.

Guest Checks

Guest check books are a type of sales book for servers and businesses to take down customer requests. One-part guest sales books are ideal for those who take food orders for entering into a computer system. Two-part guest checks provide a record for the kitchen and guests, helping to reduce discrepancies and ensure customer satisfaction.

Sam's Club offers a wide selection of receipt and sales books that meet the needs of most businesses.

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