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Range hoods

Range Hoods

Range hoods remove the odors, smoke and particles from the kitchen while you're cooking. Sam's Club® carries options from ZLINE, Deco and more to suit your home improvement needs.

How Range Hoods Work

Kitchen vent hoods use fans to pull smoke and odors out. Ducted or vented range hoods force these materials through exhaust ducts out of a home or establishment for proper ventilation. Recirculated or non-vented kitchen range hoods pull the air into a charcoal filter that traps irritants, then recirculates the air back into the kitchen. These hoods don't require ductwork, but provide adequate filtering for removing unwanted odors and particles from cooking.

Range Hood Types

Range hoods come in a variety of different designs to fit in with your renovated or existing kitchen. Under-cabinet hoods attach to the bottom of cabinets that are situtauted right above a stove. They can be ducted or provide filtering and recirculation. Wall-mountable range hoods feature styles that can include chimneys that go up the wall for ventilation into ductwork in the ceiling. Consider island hoods for removing smoke and odors from cooktops that are located in the center island of a kitchen. Look for island range hoods in glass, curved metal or other models.

Range Hood Styles

Kitchen range hoods come in different styles that pair with a variety of decorating schemes. Stainless steel range hoods work with nearly any type of decor. Designer styles in wood add beauty and functionality, and come in different colors so you can match them to the design used throughout the room. Some models include color and stainless steel combinations that add interest and a unique feel to the room.

Sam's Club offers a variety of range hoods to suit many styles and budgets.

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