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Radiant diamonds

Radiant Cut Loose Diamonds

The radiant diamond dates back to the late seventies when the stone first appeared in the marketplace. Henry Gorssbard is attributed with the creation of the radiant which is considered by many to be a cross between the emerald cut due to the outer lines and the brilliant cut, due to the great sparkle.

When shopping for any diamond, you must pay close attention to the 4 C’s and the radiant is no exception. Radiants are available in both square and rectangular shapes making it difficult to measure quality based on length to width ratio alone. Gemologists highly regard the cut of the diamond and the many facets of the radiant can either make it gleam or appear dull.

From 0.71 ct. to 2.26 ct. Sam’s Club offers a diverse range of radiant diamonds sold as loose stones or the beginning piece of a unique ring you customize online. Each breathtaking diamond is offered with an appraisal certificate from the International Gemological Institute (IGI) with details including, but not limited to gem descriptions and replacement values based on market prices.

In addition to the IGI certification, you can also feel confident exploring the specifications of each gem such as the weight, color, clarity, measurement, polish and level of symmetry. Every diamond is also guaranteed to be natural, non-treated and conflict free. Find your radiant diamond within the amazing selection at Sam’s Club today.

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