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Hutches for Rabbits and Other Small Animals

Whether you keep your rabbit indoors or outdoors, Sam's Club® will help you find a place that your furry friend will be happy to call home. From cages to extravagant hutches, we offer something to fit every need and budget. Be sure to choose the right habitat for the size of your furry friend. Our selection also includes homes for both small and large breed rabbits as well as multiple rabbits living together.

Outdoor Rabbit Hutches

Made of hardy wood, our rabbit hutches will provide your rabbit with warmth and protection no matter the season. Wire mesh covers the front of the hutch to allow your pet to get lots of fresh air while also enjoying the view. Often designed with both an upper and lower level, rabbit hutches provide ample space for both rest and play. These rabbit hutches open easily and are equipped with a plastic tray for easy clean up. Suitable for outdoor use, the hutches can also house guinea pigs and other small animals. Food and water accessories are sold separately.

Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run

Are you looking to keep your rabbit in a safe environment while providing it with plenty of exercise space? Consider a rabbit hutch with an attached run. Equipped with a non-slip ramp, these let your floppy-eared pet easily go from indoors to outdoors. Also easy to maintain, they offer a pull-out plastic tray and either a lift-up roof or sliding door for quick access. Separate runs along with mobile play pens are also available.

Indoor Rabbit Hutch

Crafted of wood and offered in a variety of finishes, many of our rabbit hutches will work well indoors as well as outdoors. Hutches that are elevated off the ground are ideal for placement in a bedroom, basement or den. We also carry pet gates to keep your pet confined to one room or area of the house.

With pleasing aesthetics and a number of designs, our rabbit hutches will add beauty to your yard or farm. Shop Sam’s Club today and take advantage of our members-only prices.

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