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Queen mattresses

Queen Mattresses

Are you in the market for a queen mattress? You’ll find an amazing selection of queen size mattresses at Sam’s Club®. Queen mattresses are the most commonly purchased size. They typically have enough room for two people to sleep comfortably, and their size won’t overwhelm the average bedroom. When you’re shopping for a mattress, one important consideration is the material your mattress is made of. The most common types of mattress materials are memory foam and innerspring. There are also hybrid mattresses, which combine multiple materials. Less common are Adjustable Mattresses, Airbeds & Waterbeds.

Queen Mattress Sets

You may decide to purchase just a queen mattress. Or, you can purchase a queen mattress set. Queen mattress sets come with a mattress and a foundation of some kind. There are a few different types of foundations. Box springs are most common. Certain brands also have special foundations, such as the SmartBase by NightTherapy. Sam’s Club also carries an excellent selection of sets that include adjustable foundations. With adjustable foundations, you can adjust the position of the mattress adjusting the position of your head and legs. The type of mattress set you buy may also influence your choice in bed frames and bedding.

Queen Mattress Dimensions

Queen mattress dimensions are 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. The thickness of the mattress you purchase will vary, depending on its material and the brand. You’ll notice that some mattresses are made of several layers of different materials, which will also affect the thickness of the mattress. Thinner queen mattresses will be about 5 to 8 inches thick, while thicker queen mattresses could be up to 20 inches thick. Typically, mattress thickness will be in the middle of that range, between 10 and 14 inches thick. Queen mattress sizes will only vary in terms of thickness. To check the thickness of the mattresses you are considering, look at the section labeled “Assembled Size.” Keep in mind that thicker mattresses may require special sheets.

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