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Projector Buying Info

  • Projectors are great entertainment items with many uses. Buy a projector to implement into your business; use it in your classroom; or buy one to feature movies and television programs in your home.
  • Projectors deliver a very large picture (you can purchase a projector screen larger than most televisions offered on the market). Alternatively, you can adjust the portrayed image so you can purchase a projector rather than a large-sized television.
  • Projectors are small, so they won’t take up a lot of space. Portable screens are available or those that can be rolled up and out of view when not in use.
  • Installation of a projector and a projection screen is simple. You can have your projection system up and running in no time at all.
  • Bulbs on a projector need to be changed after every 1,000 to 2,000 hours of viewing, so it may not be the prime choice to use as your every-day television (though models with improved bulb life are coming to existence). It may be best left for occasional movie watching or giving presentations.
  • Think about portability when purchasing your projector. Portable projectors present the option of viewing from different locations and distances from the projector screen.
  • The size of the intended room will influence your need for more or less lumens. Lumens are associated with the amount of light or brightness that is provided from the projector. Make sure your intended projector produces enough lumens for your proposed use.
  • A projector’s contrast ratio helps produce more brightness. High contrast ratios produce whiter whites and darker blacks. If a projector has a high lumens rating, but a low contrast ratio, the image may not appear very well.
  • Pixel density is an important factor regarding your video projector. Getting a high number of pixels will make the images appear more distinct on the projector screen.
  • Every projector is different. Before purchasing, make sure the product has the input capabilities you are looking for -- such as ones for DVD, DVI, or HDMI for HD and VGA-type inputs for computers. Sam’s Club also carries projector screens. Be sure to visit our designated pages devoted to screens to find something to complement your projector purchase.

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