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Projection Screen Buying Info

  • Projector screens ensure that the associated projector is used to its full potential. The screen plays a major role in the quality and appearance of a featured image. Cinema projection screens reproduce the image without sacrificing quality to please the audience.
  • Portable projection screens maximize light coming from projectors and then reflect more light to present a better image to the audience. Projection screens are made from highly durable and technologically-advanced fabrics that can capture and manipulate light and images.
  • Video projectors are used to present an image from the front or rear of the screen. Front projection remains to be the most common and easiest to establish. A rear projector must present a large image from a very short distance. There are video projectors especially made for this purpose.
  • You have the option of implementing a permanent home theater screen. This is useful if you’re planning on devoting a room as a home theater. You can install a screen on the wall in a permanent fashion.
  • A pull-down projection screen is another purchase option. The screen can be fixed to a wall and pulled up or down depending on when it is in use. Some models allow you to fix the projection screen on the ceiling rather than on the wall.
  • Portable projection screens present yet another option. You can set the portable screen up in different rooms – this is optimal for a teacher who needs to change classrooms throughout the school day.
  • The size of rooms and the type of video projector should be other factors to consider when purchasing a projection screen.

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