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Princess cut diamond rings

Shopping for Princess Cut Diamonds

Diamond shoppers understand that cut, clarity, color and carat define the quality of a stone, but the princess cut allots for details and specifications of its own. The square shape of the diamond is a beloved shape that should be protected at every corner. Many prefer to select settings that feature prongs capable of reach around the edges to avoid chipping or damage to the stone. It’s hard to resist the allure of the brilliant sparkle, but you also must ensure the stone meets your 4 C standards.

All of the Sam’s Club princess cut diamonds are supplied with an International Gemological Institute (IGI) appraisals, which includes a description of the gem and the estimated retail replacement value. You can also shop with confidence after reviewing the listed specifications such as weight, color, clarity, measurements, polish and level of symmetry.

The princess diamonds are dramatic and sophisticated cuts able to sparkle and play with color much similar to the round cut. Even though the princess diamond was introduced in the early sixties it has continued to remain a favorite among women and men today. Whether you opt for a 1 ct., 2 ct., or a weight in between, you can find a quality princess diamond loose or mounted stone at Sam’s Club.

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