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Pricing guns

Pricing Guns

Sam’s Club® has a variety of pricing guns that make it easy to quickly add price tags to whatever you're selling.

Types of Pricing Guns

Label makers allow you to create and affix price markers to items you have for sale in a store or small business. These devices are easy to load with labels and have patented inking systems that create clear and crisp printouts. You can track inventory, compare prices, identify the product and code the date and time with label makers.

Pricemarker labels from brands like Monarch are the refillable paper rolls that are compatible with various label makers. These rolls contain thousands of one- or two-line labels and are easy to reload.

Tagging guns are the handheld tool that helps you easily add tags to fabrics and other items. These guns can hold up to 100 2-inch fasteners and applies tags with one squeeze of the cushioned handle.

Tags are also available at Sam’s Club to refill tagging guns and help you quickly attach prices and information to items you have for storage or for sale in your small business.

Choosing a Pricing Gun

When you're ready to purchase a pricing gun from Sam’s Club, we have a couple tips to help you find the correct item for you.

Label makers are great tools for those who need to price any type of merchandise. They make shopping easy for your customers and also help you keep track of your inventory.

Tagging guns make labeling clothing easy and are great for those who own a store or are having a garage sale at their property.

No matter which device is best for you, label makers or tagging guns, be sure to purchase their matching reloadable labels or tags. When you're shopping for a pricing gun, Sam’s Club will help you find exactly what you need.

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