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Pressure washers & accessories

Pressure Washers and Accessories

Pressure washers give you the power you need to remove stubborn dirt and grime. From gas-powered pressure washers to the accessories you need to achieve a deep clean, Sam's Club® makes it simple to remove stains from siding, decks, concrete and other surfaces.

Pressure Washer Options

Pressure washers come in a variety of options for handling simple cleaning to removing ground-in stains. Electric power washers connect directly to an outlet and your water hose. These models feature a pump that increases water pressure and provide up to 1.76 gallons per minute (GPM). Electric pressure washers are an ideal option for cleaning grills, cars, shutters and more.

Gas pressure washers rely on gasoline and a water supply. Consumer models pump up to 2.8 gallons per minute and operate with up to 4,000 pounds per square inch (PSI). Consumer-grade gas-powered washers can be used to clean sidewalks, decks, siding and pavement quickly. Professional models provide up to 4 GPM and 4,000 PSI. Ideal for heavy-duty jobs, these gas-powered pressure washers remove graffiti, strip paint and provide industrial cleaning of concrete and pavement.

Pressure Washer Accessories

Sam's Club carries pressure washer accessories from brands like PowerFit that allow you to protect the surfaces of your equipment and provide a deep cleaning. Combining industrial degreasers and cleaning solutions with the power of a pressure washer breaks the chemical bond between surfaces and stains. Surface cleaner attachments include two or more nozzles that offer a consistent spray directly onto flat surfaces for increased cleaning. Add water de-ionization systems that remove any dissolved solids from the water for spotless air drying. Pole kits extend your reach when cleaning building and large surfaces.

Whether you want to maintain the look of your home or your business, Sam's Club carries the cleaning solution you're looking for. Check out our home promotions for all your cleaning and improvement needs.

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