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Power inverters & battery chargers

Power Inverters and Battery Chargers

Power inverters and battery chargers ensure your vehicle has the juice it needs to run. Sam's Club® carries a variety of options for maintaining the charge on vehicles or equipment, and for obtaining and converting DC power.

Battery Chargers

On-board chargers provide on-going maintenance for deep cycle and other types of batteries in RVs and boats that are stored for long periods. These battery maintainers ensure your recreational vehicles will start the next season, even after sitting without use for several months.

Keep a power station in your vehicles and protect yourself from costly tows or being stranded. Some of these devices include a jump starter and air compressor, providing quick fill-ups for low tires. Consider a portable battery charger that gives you a jump starter for vehicle batteries combined with an 1200 mAH charger for cell phones so you won't have to worry about losing communication when out on the roads.

Power Inverters

A power inverter from brands like Schumacher uses the power from a car or other 12-volt battery and provides a current for power tools, radios, computers and other devices. Simply connect a pure sine wave inverter to the battery with the included clips and you can plug any device into one of the outlets. Power inverters provide five amps of power and an electrical current that is similar to what you receive from outlets in your home. Some models include cooling fans that protect against overheating, along with overload indicators that show when a device is pulling too much current for added safety.

From keeping your vehicle batteries charged to providing the power you need on the road, the battery chargers and power inverters at Sam's Club makes sure you're always prepared. Check out our selection of electrical test analyzers to detect issues early.

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