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Postal scales

Postal Scales

Sam’s Club® has a selection of postal scales designed to easily calculate accurate postage for items to be shipped. With these postage scales, you can skip the post office and mail items right from your business.

Types of Postal Scales

Digital postal scales from brands like DYMO by Pelouze feature LCD screens for a clear display. They can hold up to 10 pounds depending on the model and have a hold button that can allow you to pause the stated weight to conveniently record the amount. There are also USB digital shipping scales with a capacity of up to 400 pounds and an optional wall mount display.

Bench scales are compact in design, yet can easily hold and measure the postage for parcels up to 400 pounds. These devices are not only great for adjusting shipping costs, but can also be used to weigh items in non-shipping capacities. Sam's Club features models from Salter Brecknell that displays measurements in grams and pounds or pounds and ounces.

Choosing a Postal Scale

Selecting the right postage scale at Sam’s Club depends on the needs of your business.

If you own a business that delivers small items to your customers, portable digital postal scales with a weight limit of up to 10 pounds are ideal. They are great for shipping jewelry, clothing or small tools.

A digital USB shipping scale is terrific for warehouses, with its 400-pound weight limit and wall mount display, making it wonderful for providing accurate postal measurements for large items.

Bench scales are not only great for calculating postage, but can also be used in science labs and commercial kitchens to get the precise weight of items in recipes or formulas.

By keeping these tips in mind, it should make purchasing the correct postage scale at Sam’s Club a simple task.

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