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Sam’s Club® carries a selection of podiums for speakers of all kinds. Our varieties of lecterns and speaking stands will add professionalism and organizaiton to public speaking engagements.

Types of Podiums

Lecterns come in different sizes and designs, but most have a slanted desktop to assist the speaker in referencing notes and other materials. Non-sound lecterns and multi-purpose lecterns by Amplivox can serve many different functions during presentations.

Multi-purpose lecterns feature a variety of movable shelves and cabinets that provide a secure storage place for computers, projectors and speakers. Some lecterns are equipped with a wireless sound system with speakers, amplifiers, microphones and headsets.

Non-sound lecterns are designed to be sleek and simple, providing shelving and a desktop to store materials, but without having wired or wireless speakers to project sound across the presentation room.

Safco not only has multi-purpose and non-sound lecterns, but also a speaking stand with an adjustable metal base and slanted reading platform, which are ideal for speakers addressing small crowds.

Choosing a Podium

At Sam’s Club, we have a couple tips to offer to help ensure you purchase the correct podium for your needs.

Tabletop lecterns are ideal for conference rooms that already have tables, desks or stands that the lectern can sit on top of and come equipped for sound or without.

If you need a podium for a lecture hall in a school or office, multi-purpose lecterns with wireless sound capabilities are a great choice as they provide an acoustic system that allows the speaker to be heard clearly in every corner of the room.

Keeping in mind these suggestion, the size of the room, the number of listeners and the material the speaker intends to present will also help you choose the correct podium from Sam’s Club.

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