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Plumbing & fixtures

Plumbing and Fixtures

Whether you're replacing dated installations or creating your own dream bathroom, Sam's Club® has the plumbing and fixtures necessities to help you do it. From tankless water heaters to bathroom faucets and bidets, you'll find it all at a reasonable price.

Tankless Water Heaters

One of the most important bathroom plumbing fixture is the water heater. Water heaters from brands like Eccotemp make sure you have plenty of hot water for showers or baths, washing clothes and cleaning dishes. Tankless water heaters provide on-demand hot water whenever you need it. These systems don't have the storage tanks of traditional water heaters, but produce two to five gallons of hot water per minute whenever it's needed. By eliminating the tank that requires heating, you can cut your energy costs.

Tankless plumbing fixtures come in electric and gas models, ensuring an option that works with your home's existing fuel source. There are also propane tankless water heaters that are ideal for providing water in outdoor hot tubs and other areas where electric or gas sources aren't available.


When considering the plumbing fixtures you want for your home improvement needs, the bidet provides additional personal hygiene where you want it most. A standalone unit fits beside the toilet and includes its own tank for supplying water. Bidet seat attachments attach directly to the toilet and provide directional sprays for optimal cleaning. Some models include temperature controls, while others use the toilet as the water source. For bidets with heated water, additional bathroom plumbing fixtures may be required.

Plumbing Considerations

When updating and installing plumbing fixtures, water purification supplies can improve efficiency and appliance life spans. From whole house filters to reverse osmosis, water softeners and supplies, you'll find the systems you need for your comfort and plumbing fixtures at Sam's Club.

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