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Fill Your Garden with Plants from Sam’s Club

When you’re ready to start your flower garden, just head to and choose from our great selection of dormant plants. Scroll through the pictures to find the ones that you think will look great in your garden and order. They’ll be shipped to you in practically no time at all.

Which Flowering Plants Should I Include in My Garden?

Which flowers to plant will depend on your individual tastes, but there are a number of popular favorites to consider. Daylilies are a popular choice, as in addition to being bright and colorful, they are perennials, which means they are highly adaptive, weather resistant plants that require a minimum of care. If you’re just starting out with garden plants, daylilies are a good plant to start with. Many people also enjoy Caladiums, which are colorful, exotic looking plants that last from summer through fall. Another fun flowering plant to consider is the Phlox Blue Boy, a striking mauve bloomed, wonderful smelling, flowering plant which will add a wonderful, distinctive look to any garden.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a garden with flowering plants, or about adding flowering plants to your garden, now is the time. Find the plants you’re looking for at Sam’s Club and breathe new life into your garden today.