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Pet ramps

Using Pet Ramps and Pet Steps

A quality pet ramp can be a lifesaver for you and your pet. Have you ever tried to lift a 50 pound dog into the car? Does your dog miss doing things they used to be able to do, like hop up on the couch with you or easily get into the house from the backyard? A pet ramp could be the solution you’re looking for. Sam’s Club offers pet ramps and steps that have rubber grippers to keep it in place and comfortable traction for your pet so they can easily walk up and down. A pet ramp can be used in your car for trips to the vet, the dog park, or anywhere else your pooch wants to go. Save your back and make it safer for you and your pet by using a pet ramp where they need a little extra help. The ramp can conveniently be folded and stored so it’s ready when you need it.

Pet steps also can be useful in the home to help your dog, or other pet, access high areas that may have become difficult to get to. Wider and deeper stairs allow for easier climbing. They’re conveniently sized so smaller dogs can fit on each step as they go up and larger dogs can easily stabilize on each platform. The steps snap apart for easily cleaning and storage.

Whether your pet has gotten older or is just too small to reach higher places, give them the freedom they crave with pet ramps and steps. Sam’s Club has great prices on all pet supplies, including ramps and steps. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you’re making it as easy as possible on your pet, and yourself.

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