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Pet doors

The Benefit of Pet Doors

You simply can’t be on call at all times to let your beloved companion in and out, and making them wait by the door for hours is cruel, even if you could stand the inevitable non-stop barking or wailing that would probably result. Automatic pet doors available through Sam’s Club work with an ultrasonic collar that you put on your pet. When your pet approaches the door, it automatically opens, allowing your pet to go in and out as they please. The sensor can even tell when your pet is really trying to get in or out or when it’s just strolling by or hanging around the door. These pet doors are far more than a hole in your door with a flap over it. With an electronic pet door, your door remains insulated against cold, wind and rain. Furthermore, it is designed to allow only your pets in, not neighborhood strays looking for a fresh meal. Your door remains secure when your pet is not using it. Sam’s Club offers pet doors in a variety of sizes, along with battery chargers, wall adapters, cat doors and more, so if you’re looking for an easy, affordable solution to your pet’s access needs, look no further.

Find great pet doors from Sam’s Club today and let your dog or cat come in and out as freely as you do.

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