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Stop Pests from Invading your Home

To prevent pests from becoming a really big nuisance around the house, it helps to keep a few simple pest control tips in mind:

  • Put scraps of leftover food or food from your barbeque party into a trash bin and close it tightly to prevent pests like cockroaches, flies, ants, birds, etc. from getting at it

  • Pests love dark areas with plenty of cracks. Try to seal any cracks and crannies in your home interior and exterior to prevent pests from hiding in them or from getting inside your home

  • Inspect the surrounding of your house to ensure there’s no stagnate water or standing water and other types of moisture in birdbaths, swimming pools, flowerpots, barrels, etc. that can help breed mosquitoes

  • Seal all doors and windows properly with snug screens and weather stripping

  • Ensure that the attic is well ventilated; this not only helps keep roaches away but also aids in cooling the house during hot summer months

  • Get rid of wood or stones around your home that are not being used. Wood, bricks, stones, and other debris soon become a harboring ground for termites, carpenter ants, rodents, etc.

  • Select the right pest control product that can help you eradicate pests or keep them in control; after all, you may want to kill cockroaches, but you also just want to prevent pigeons from roosting on ledges or gutters without harming them

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