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Personal sound amplification

Hearing Amplifiers

Hearing amplifiers, often referred to as personal sound amplification devices, offer an easy and cost-effective way to improve your hearing. They simply increase the volume of sound around you, making it easier for you to hear. Unlike hearing aids, no prescription is required to purchase one of our hearing aid accessories. Sam’s Club® carries these devices in a number of styles, including headphones or behind-the-ear styles that have a similar look to a small hearing aid.


Wireless headphones provide quality sound. They will amplify sound up to 9 times and are able to minimize outside noises that can cause hearing interference. Consequently, they are ideal for making phone calls, watching television or simply listening to music. Equipped with smart technology, some of these these headphones are also adjustable and come with a built-in microphone. Stylish and modern, they come in black, white and black with blue trim.


With Bluetooth capability, neckband hearing aid amplifiers can improve sound as much as 9 times. The band itself fits conveniently behind the neck but is lightweight and comfortable. Its earbuds then slip easily into the ear to enhance your hearing. The earbuds also come with tips for easy wear. Choose from white or black to complement your look.

Behind-the-Ear Hearing Enhancement

Similar to the traditional hearing aid, these devices fit comfortably behind the ear. They come in designs for the left and right ears but also come in a set for added convenience. These products are also customizable to adapt to your personal hearing needs. Simply take it to your local Sam’s Club Hearing Aid Center for programming.

Our hearing aid amplifiers come ready to wear, so you can start using them right away. Shop Sam’s Club today to take care of all your hearing needs. You’ll enjoy tremendous savings throughout our website with our members-only prices.

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