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Pencil sharpeners

Quality Pencil Sharpeners

If you use pencils on a regular basis, there are few things more annoying than not having good pencil sharpeners handy. Rubbing the side of the pencil vigorously against a piece of paper or shaving it with a knife are possible solutions, but not very good ones, especially when inexpensive pencil sharpeners from Sam’s Club allows you to sharpen your pencil to a fine point almost instantly.

Manual Pencil Sharpeners from Sam’s Club

For most of the existence of the pencil sharpener, manual, hand-turned pencil sharpeners were the only option. Today, electronic pencil sharpeners make things much easier, but there are still purists out there who prefer the control of the manual version. For you, Sam’s Club has an assortment of attractive, modern-looking manual pencil sharpeners that are not only easy to mount, use and empty, but that help protect the environment with an antimicrobial element.

Electric Pencil Sharpeners from Sam’s Club

For the rest of us, who prefer to let electricity do the work, Sam’s Club has a wide assortment of reliable, great looking pencil sharpeners that sharpen pencils almost instantly, and in some cases, almost noiselessly. Some come with a pencil holder built-in, while others are handheld so you can take them anywhere.

Shopping for pencil sharpeners with Sam’s Club is not only great for your budget, but can actually be fun. But don’t take our word for it; look through our great collection of pencil sharpeners and find the one that’s right for you right now.

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