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Patio umbrellas & stands

Outdoor Umbrellas & Umbrella Bases

First determine the amount of shade you need along with the amount of space you have on your patio for the umbrella. A good rule of thumb to go by for the right size umbrella is that the umbrella should be at least five feet larger than the area you want to shade.

Free Standing Patio Umbrella and Table Umbrella

You have options of both free standing umbrellas as well as table umbrellas for your patio. While both types of umbrellas need a base stand, the table umbrellas can use a lighter base as these umbrellas also have the additional support of the patio tables and the free standing umbrellas need a heavier base stand to keep them in the upright position.

Patio Umbrella Frames

The frames for the umbrellas can be either made of metal or wood, and both these types of patio umbrellas open by using different methods. Wooden patio umbrellas are not as flexible as a metal patio umbrella which can be tilted in different directions. The type of patio furniture you have and how you plan to use the patio umbrella will determine the type of patio umbrella frame you need.

Patio Umbrellas with Tilt Functions

Choose a patio umbrella with tilt functions to get more options for shade. The sun’s rays falls at different angles across your patio furniture depending on position of the sun. With the tilt option, you can turn the patio umbrella around to your convenience. There are three tilt methods used in umbrellas, including the collar tilt where you can turn the patio umbrella from the collar without getting up from your chair, the crank tilt method where you can turn the crank handles to adjust the shade, and the button tilt method on top of the patio umbrella where you can get the desired tilt by pushing the button.

Patio Umbrella Fabrics

Fabrics used in the umbrellas for the patio are available in a wide variety of patterns and colors. While choosing an umbrella for your patio, look for umbrellas that offer weather resistant fabric and which offers you protection against the UV rays of the sun. Select fabrics that are breathable so that the fabric remains cool even under the afternoon sun.

When your patio umbrella is not in use, close the patio umbrella and secure it with a fastening if possible. Store your umbrella in an upright position, and use a protective patio umbrella cover to protect it from insect damage, mildew, dust, and dirt.

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