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Patio heaters

Outdoor Heaters for the Patio

Patio heaters are a great way to warm up outdoor spaces. From gas-powered models to mobile utility options, Sam's Club® has a variety of patio heaters for staying comfortable when the weather starts getting colder.

How Patio Heaters Work

Patio heaters provide enough warmth to take the chill out of the air, but they won't maintain a specific temperature. Outdoor heaters work by producing radiant heat that warms the air. These heaters don't produce ashes, making them a clean option for warming up patios and decks.

Patio Heater Fuels

Outdoor heaters come in electric, natural gas and propane-powered designs. Electric patio heaters rely on a standard outdoor outlet for powering the heating element. Natural gas patio heaters are less common, but use a natural gas outlet on the exterior of a home for receiving the necessary fuel. Propane patio heaters use a traditional tank like those used for gas grills. The tank fits inside the base of the gas patio heater, so they aren't visible when in use.

Patio Heater Options

Outdoor patio heaters come in freestanding models that include a base, pole, heat source and reflector. The pole directs the heat towards the reflector, which emits warmth throughout the area. Wall-mounted heaters provide a space-saving alternative that heats efficiently. This is an ideal option for smaller outdoor living areas. Table-top patio heaters provide warmth in seating areas and take up a small amount of space on the middle of the table.

Sam's Club carries outdoor patio heaters by Fire Sense, Crown Verity and others that allow you entertain guests and enjoy your outdoor living space when the seasons start to change.

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