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Paper goods & disposable tableware

Paper Goods & Disposable Tableware

If you are in charge of serving meals at home, you know how much work the clean-up can be. So, make it easier on yourself by keeping a stash of disposable plates in your pantry. Whether you prefer paper plates, plastic plates or disposable bowls, they’ll all come in handy when you’re feeding a crowd. Sam’s Club has a huge array of paper goods and disposable dinnerware and drinkware including paper cups, plastic cups and disposable cups for cold and hot drinks. Stock up on everything you need including simple paper plates, paper towels, plastic cutlery and much, much more.

Disposable Paper & Plastic Plates

Do you love to entertain? Or, maybe you just want to be prepared for last-minute guests. Lightweight paper plates are perfect for serving appetizers before a meal or for any type of casual get-together. If you’re hosting a BBQ, you’re probably looking for heavy-duty plates made of sturdy cardboard. These plates are perfect for items like burgers, corn on the cob and potato salad. Look no further. You’ll find many types of bulk paper plates and disposable dinnerware at Sam’s Club. There’s even a selection of plastic plates for weddings. They come in multiple colors and festive prints that will add to your party’s atmosphere.

Weddings & Parties

There are so many details involved in getting ready for weddings and parties. At Sam’s Club, we are here to help you get your wedding table set with options like clear plastic plates and clear plastic cutlery. The great thing about clear plastic plates and clear plastic cutlery is that it blends in with your wedding décor, no matter what colors you choose. Whether you’re having a wedding or another type of celebration, you can count on Sam’s Club for all your party needs.