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Packing wrap & supplies

Packing Wrap and Supplies

Sam’s Club® carries a wide selection of packing wrap and supplies that will make moving and shipping items safe and simple.

Types of Packing Wraps and Supplies

Packing wraps come in a variety of materials and styles to suit many different occasions. We have cushioned and durable bubble wrap by brands such as Sealed Air to protect fragile objects. Bubble wrap is useful for protecting delicate items, as well as in post offices.

Scotch’s best-selling line of cushioned mailers are great for anyone who needs to mail items and ensure they do not break during shipment. These mailers have bubble wrap material already inside them and are self-sealing.

Wrap film by Kleer-Guard is the stretchable cling film that affixes only to itself and makes moving and storage simple. This film has tension controlled handles that makes it easy to handle and is perfect for sealing and packing many items.

Choosing Packing Wrap and Supplies

When you are shopping for packing wrap and supplies at Sam’s Club, we have some tips to make the task easier and to help you buy the right supplies for you.

If you are an artisan who sells jewelry, accessories and other small items, the cushioned mailers are an excellent item for your business. These envelopes will protect your items from damage and give a professional appearance.

When moving, bubble wrap is an excellent way to protect breakable items. It can also be cut to size as needed.

Stretchable wrap film helps keep items intact for storage and is also fantastic for sealing items with drawers and lids when moving.

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