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Packing & shipping tape

Packing and Shipping Tape

If there is one thing most companies can never have too much of, it’s probably packing tape. Sam’s Club® offers a wide collection of shipping and packing tape, designed for a variety of tasks. You can stock up on essential office supplies, depending on what you need.

Shipping Tape

Shipping and packing tape may appear similar but there are several key differences—particular with the type of adhesive used for each. Shipping tape is made with a hot melt adhesive that offers stronger resistance to the rough handling that packages sometimes receive in transit. It is made to keep your shipping boxes from suddenly becoming unsealed before they’re delivered.

Packing Tape

Packing tape is made with an acrylic adhesive, which offers a different type of benefit. The adhesive is capable of resisting the high-temperature ranges that your stored items are likely to be exposed to while they’re in the garage, a warehouse or an attic. Most packing tape brands are cable of maintaining their hold for more than 2 years.

Choosing the Right Tape

Standard scotch tape may be enough for a regular sized package (weighing less than 15 lbs.). If you plan to seal a heavy package, you’ll likely need thicker and wider heavy-duty tape to create a stronger seal. Always consider the weight of the item you’re storing or shipping.

Heavy boxes place more pressure on tape and may require a much stronger adhesive. And if you intend to use tape on boxes with a coarse surface, choose tape that is strong enough to maintain their seal.

Whether you’re looking for paper tape, double-sided tape, invisible table or binding tape, you’ll find all your moving and office supplies at Sam’s Club. Use the intuitive search tool found on each page to narrow your results down to a particular item.

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