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Outdoor signs & banners

Outdoor Signs and Banners

Signs and banners are very easy to spot, which is why many offices and commercial businesses rely on them. At Sam’s Club®, you’ll find a wide selection of advertising and marketing materials designed to move your business forward.

Choosing Banners

Vinyl banners are a popular option because they’re durable, affordable and provide a nice canvas for digital prints. Vinyl banners are also weatherproof and tear-resistant, making them a good pick for indoor and outdoor use. They’re also relatively light and can be taken to trade shows or any other outdoor event.

At Sam’s Club, you’ll also find custom banners that can be personalized with a message.

Choosing Signs

Short of having your product displayed on a billboard, outdoor signs are an important way of marketing your business. You can place them outside, attach them to a wall or install them on the roof. Some signs can even be affixed to the side of vehicles. At Sam’s Club, you’ll find a variety of choices, including changeable signs and LED models.

Changeable signs come with letters, allowing you to create and swap out messages to fit your needs. This type of signage is a popular pick with many churches.

If you’re looking for a way to attract customers after the sun sets, consider getting an LED sign. Some LED signs are portable and you can reposition them to places where they are likely to attract the most attention.

Sign Zoning Requirements

Before buying an outdoor sign, you may want to review the zoning requirements of your community to ensure that your purchase complies with the rules for signage use. Some communities specify the maximum size allowed for a sign and the types that are permissible. Regardless of whether you want a large outdoor sign, a simple banner for your business or you're simply stocking up on office supplies, Sam's Club can help.

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