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Outdoor rugs

Location and Placement of the Outdoor Rug

An outdoor rug can be the perfect accessory for many outdoor locations including patios, porches, decks, gazebos, and so on. You can also consider an outdoor rug for your home interiors as well, especially in high traffic areas such as the family room or kitchen. The placement of the rugs will depend on your seating arrangement. Make sure that the rug you choose complements the design and style of your seating area.

The Size and Color of the Rug

To get an outdoor rug which is the right size for your outdoor placement, measure the area that you would like to cover which is determined by the overall look that would like to achieve. The color of the rugs will depend on what you would prefer to be the focal point of the outdoor space; if you prefer the furniture to be the focal point then look for rugs which have subdued colors, if you prefer the rug to be the focal point then look for bright and bold colors.

Material of the Rug

Rugs are available in a wide choice of material including polypropylene, nylon, acrylic, polyester, and more. When choosing the right material for your rug, ensure that the material can withstand outdoor elements, has UV protection, and is resistant to mildew, stains, water, and dirt.

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