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One-time use cameras

When Do You Need a Disposable Camera?

There are actually a number of situations where a disposable, or one time use camera can be just what as needed. Can’t think of them? Consider the following.

Accident Camera

If you are involved in an accident, you want to document everything for the insurance company, so that you have proof of what really happened. But you’re not going to carry your favorite camera everywhere you go just in case you get into an accident. Throwing a one-time use camera in the glove compartment is an easy way to be prepared if the worst happens.


After a wedding, Bar Mitzvah, or other celebrated event, you want your guests to capture all the action at the reception. But you can’t afford to buy everyone their own camera. Unless, of course you buy one-time use cameras from Sam’s Club. These cameras make it easy for your guests to help you capture all the action.


If you’re going on a trip but are going to places where you don’t want to bring along an expensive camera, like a beach or mountain climbing, a one-time use camera can really come in handy. They tend to be more durable than many traditional cameras, and even if they break, not much is lost.

Shop and be prepared for every moment with a disposable, one-time use camera.

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