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Office stamps & ink pads

Office Stamp and Ink Pads

Rubber stamps can be used to add dates, addresses and important messages. They also lend a seal of legitimacy to important documents. Sam’s Club® offers a wide collection of office supplies, including rubber stamps and inkpads, made by many of the top brands.

Choosing a Stamp and Ink Pad

Rubber stamps are a great way of adding information to a document. You’ll find versatile stamps that come with many of the common official phrases used, like “checked”, “paid” and “approved.” Classic rubber stamps typically require that you get a separate stamp pad (if you don’t already have one).

Not all stamps require an inkpad. Some of the office stamps at Sam’s Club come with a pre-ink or self-inking feature. This makes them easier to pack and ready for use out of the box. Self-inking stamps also deliver more consistent results. Most pre-inking and self-inking stamps are rated to last for thousands of impressions, depending on the type you choose.

Pre-Ink vs Self-Ink Stamps

The key difference between pre-ink and self-inking stamps is the number of impressions they offer between re-inkings. Self-inking stamps are typically made with a water-based ink, which makes them good for almost 10,000 impressions. Pre-ink stamps are made with an oil-based ink that lasts for up to 50,000 impressions.

That said, both options are refillable and available in a variety of colors. They also deliver crisp, solid impressions. If you’re looking for an affordable solution, then self-inking stamps are a good pick. However, pre-ink stamps will last longer, so you get more value.

Time and Date Stamps

Time and date stamps are a popular pick with many businesses. You can set the number and date on the stamp to suit the documents that you’re working with. Time and date stamps are sometimes paired with work phrases, so you can add a detail (PAID or APPROVED) alongside the date. Whatever your office needs, you’ll find no shortage of options at Sam’s Club. We carry a wide variety of stamp pads, office stamps, ink and office accessories.

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