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Office software

Office Software

Everyone agrees—computers are invaluable office tools. But in order to get the most out of your office computer, you’ll need the right applications. With over a million computer apps available, deciding on the right office software can take some doing. You can narrow down your options to a smaller list by carefully considering your needs alongside other factors. Sam’s Club® is a great place to start your search. Whether it's a new antivirus application or a word processing program from Microsoft, you’ll find what you need.

Choosing the Right Office Software

Always start by checking the operating system running on your computer. Office software programs are system-specific, so an application designed for Windows will usually only run on different versions of Windows but not devices powered by Android, iOS, Mac or some other operating system.

To get around this, many of the top office software brands offer multiple versions of the same application designed to run on various operating systems. For instance, you’ll find a Norton Antivirus software application designed for Windows, another version for Mac devices and still more options for devices running Android and iOS.

Download vs. CD Installation

Some of the office applications at Sam’s Club come on physical discs (CD or DVD). Installing them will require that your system has a DVD/CD drive. Other office software applications are available as a download. Some people prefer to download their purchase because it is quicker and often more convenient. However, downloading your software file will require a good web connection.

Software License

Many of the office software at Sam’s Club come with licenses. Some applications come with a single license, which means that they can only be installed on one particular device. Others include multiple licenses, giving you the freedom to install them on several different PCs. If you plan to buy an application that you intend to run on multiple systems, consider choosing an option that accommodates your needs. Sam’s Club is home to a wide assortment of office supplies and applications.

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