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Carts, stands & handtrucks

Carts, Stands and Handtrucks

Office carts and stands help you stay organized and help move items easily. From computer stands to office carts and handtrucks for mobile files, Sam's Club® has everything you need.

Office Stands

Office stands keep frequently used devices easily accessible. Make it easy to move printers and fax machines anywhere they're needed with a rolling cart. A desk-side printer stand provides enough space for printers of all sizes, along with copy paper, ink and toner cartridges and folders for printed materials.

Office stands for the desk provide customized positioning that maximizes comfort throughout the workday. Raise your monitor with a height-adjustable stand for proper positioning and ergonomics. A monitor office stand with keyboard storage helps keeps desk free from clutter when not in use. A mobile CPU stand eliminates the need to crawl under or behind desks to add or remove peripherals.

Office Carts

Office carts let you organize books and files. With wheels that roll over carpeting and all types of hard surfaces, these carts are an ideal solution for collecting files, passing out mail and other daily activities. Use a rolling cart for carrying books and binders.

Computer Carts

Whether you move around the office for training purposes, or you need a PC for working on items throughout the warehouse or shop, computer carts make the process safer and easier. These carts hold the CPU and monitor, or you can use them for laptops. The wheels roll easily and the wood and metal construction provides a sturdy base that withstands frequent use. Locking casters let you position the rolling cart wherever you need it, and prevent it from moving until you're ready.

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