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Multifunction laser printers

Laser Printers vs. Inkjet Printers

Laser printers are optimal for a host of business-related jobs such as printing letters and documents. Color laser printers are great for producing graphs and quality-looking documents for clients and presentations. Once coming at a high-cost, the price of color laser printers has dramatically fallen, making them very affordable for regular, home or office use.

Inkjet printers today provide high quality color products. If you’re looking to print a high number of digital camera photographs, or perform work related to the production of graphs and charts, then a top-of-the-line inkjet printer is most likely for you. In regards to options, laser jet printers usually host more of them. In addition, laser jets usually have more memory, making them optimal for multi-job, office-related duties.

Multifunction Printers - Office Machines

At one point in time, it was hard to find one device that could address multiple functions, leaving a home or office user to purchase several machines. This is no longer the case with present-day office machines. It is a reality to acquire quality prints and scans from the same piece of equipment. Some models even have a built-in faxing option. In addition, some models allow for the comprehension of camera memory cards, so the printer’s media slots can access a camera’s stored photos.

More about Laser Printers

Laser printers are widely sought after by businesses and home users because of the combination of price, quality, and speed. Other than the inkjet’s superiority regarding photo and image jobs, laser printers can optimally address all text-related print tasks. Replacing cartridges does not come as quickly as compared to inkjet printers. The dpi levels of monochrome laser printers produce very fine text and line prints.

High-end laser printers usually have around 64MB of memory allowing for multiple jobs to be placed in queue at once for busy offices. Wireless printers allow for desktop or notebook computers to send print jobs to remote printers around the office. Color laser printers present somewhat of a union between inkjet printers and monochrome laser printers. Color laser printers can accurately produce quality glossy photos and brochures. In general, most color laser printers print quicker than monochrome laser printers (though this ultimately depends on brands and models).

Laser Printer Buying Tips

Choose to purchase your laser printer. Brick and mortar stores often compensate for salespeople, rent, and utility bills with higher prices.

  • Combine both shopping worlds by having a hands-on experience with various printers within brick and mortar stores, while making your ultimate printer purchase online.
  • Think about how often you will use the printer and what you will use it for. Research toner cartridge costs and page yields.
  • Think about convenience. Wireless printers can accommodate tasks from several users. In addition, multi-function office machines can address a number of tasks, which previously warranted the presence of a number of machines.

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