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Mp3 players

MP3 Players

Listening to music is so much fun, whether you like to rock out to metal or wax nostalgia with your favorite love ballads. When it comes to electronics and computers, there are many portable audio solutions available. MP3 players make it easy to take your favorite tunes on the go, and they come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs.

Apple MP3 Players

When it comes to choosing a portable MP3 player, there are many brands to choose from, including Apple. The iPod, for example, comes in several sizes ranging from the Shuffle, which clips onto a sleeve, pocket or waistband, to the iPod Touch which resembles a smart phone in size and operation. You can also find them in different color schemes and with varying screen sizes.

Consider the amount of music you want to place on the device. If you only plan to use the MP3 player sparingly, 8 or 16GB models offer enough space. However, if you have a large music collection, or prefer to download audio books, a larger 32 or 64GB model will afford you more room to store many more files.

Advanced Portable MP3 Player Features

With their portability, taking your MP3 player with you anywhere is possible. Many modern cars have built-in USB ports to accommodate smart devices, making it easy to customize your music listening experience on any drive. Similarly, a docking station lets you connect your device to a home theater or stereo system for a party or event.

Most models come with a headphone jack that works with earbuds or over-the-ear headsets for individual listening. Some connect to Wi-Fi services so you can download media anywhere there's a connection, or even download apps to play games or read books.

Whether you're shopping for a new or refurbished device, trust Sam's Club to have the portable audio options you desire.