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Mirror Buying Info

  • Mirrors can greatly augment the look of a room. There are many styles and sizes to choose from, making it easy to find something for any room in your living space. Mirrors can complement a cabinet or dresser, balance a room via a mirror set, or serve a practical function in a bedroom or bathroom as a vanity mirror.

  • Mirrors help in reflecting light whether it is artificial or natural light. Smaller rooms can become brighter through the implementation of mirrors. In addition, due to the reflection, the mirror can help create the optical illusion of making the room appear larger than its actual dimensions allow.

  • Many people decide to place a mirror perpendicular to a window. This facilitates the lighting and appearance of space in a room. Hang mirrors a bit above eye level so it is not only reflecting a person’s appearance, but all the person sees around them as well.

  • Mirrors work well with plants, pieces of art, ornate candles, and any object of beauty. The object provides the mirror its reflection so the vision of the object can be doubly enjoyed by onlookers in the room.

  • Wood-finish mirrors should have a source of artificial light nearby. The light will accentuate the ornate designs and beauty of the wood-finish. Mirrors are not just for practical purposes -- they can be beautiful decor pieces as well. Large, wood-finish mirrors can often serve as a centerpiece to a room with all other room elements flowing from it.

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