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Mattress promotions

Mattress Promotions

When you decide to upgrade your home, what you need most is quality furniture at a price you can afford. At Sam's Club®, that's just what we aim to provide. In the case of bedroom furniture, when you combine our already low members-only prices with our current mattress promotions, you've got fantastic savings and an excellent selection.

What You Can Expect To Find

While the items available will vary over time as mattress promotions come and go, you will typically be able to find a wide range of mattress options as these promotions cycle. At times, select brands like Serta, Night Therapy and others will have special price reductions that come right from the manufacturer.

Mattress Types and Sizes

When shopping for a new mattress, the type and size are the two most important factors. A traditional spring mattress can come in several firmness levels from soft to firm. A memory foam mattress is another popular choice. It offers soft support without creating pressure points and improved airflow to help keep you cool.

The size is something you need to consider carefully as well. While a king-size bed might sound ideal, if it won't fit in your bedroom, you might want to consider something smaller like a queen or full-size mattress. Growing teens may need a twin XL bed instead of a standard twin. This adds about a half foot to the overall length. This is also a popular size for college dorm rooms.

Shop Online

Before you head out to the local mattress store, check out the offerings online here at Sam's Club. We have a great selection designed to meet your needs. Our online service is fast, easy and secure, so you can get all of your mattress and other household needs taken care of in one stop.