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Massage tables

Massage Tables

Sam's Club® offers a range of massage table designs to meet your needs and budget.

Choosing a Massage Table Size

Massage tables come in different sizes and styles that impact both the therapist's and client's comfort. Therapists with a designated location can choose larger 32-inch tables, which provide ample space for most clients. If you are a mobile therapist, a smaller, 28-inch table weighs less and is easier to move from one location to another.

The main consideration for choosing the right massage table width is your own comfort. Wider tables meet the needs of a variety of clients but may make it difficult for those of shorter stature to reach all the way across comfortably. Taller therapists may find that they can use a wider massage table, but find those in the 30- to 31-inch range more comfortable.

Massage Table Features

Massage tables come with different features that affect usability and client comfort. Some Master massage tables feature memory foam padding that conforms to each client for added comfort. Folding portable massage tables are an ideal solution for those who require mobility or want to store the table when not in use. Consider an Ironman massage table with a heating pad to provide even more relief and relaxation for your clients. Choose a table with a headrest for added support that improves the position of your client during sessions.

Massage Chairs

If you need a portable option that doesn't take up much space, the massage chairs at Sam's Club are sure to meet your needs. With plenty of padding, leg rests and wheeled carrying cases, you'll be able to provide massages nearly anywhere your client chooses.

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