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Marquise cut diamond rings

The Allure of Marquise Diamonds

The history of the marquise cut dates back to Louis XIV, when he ordered the creation of the custom shape stone for his mistress, Madame de Pompadour. He believed the stone resembled the shape of her lips and was proud to present her with this new and elaborate gift. Today, the marquise cut is an easy to shop for diamond category since its flattering shape is a favorite among those mesmerized by the 56 facets.

From its ability to grace and flatter solitary rings to its alluring bow-tie effect, the marquise is a top choice for those searching for an economical diamond that still appears large in size. Sam’s Club offers a vast selection of marquise diamonds including selections suitable for almost every budget in a multitude of sizes. When cut, clarity, color, and carat are the top four words on your mind, you can easily find a loose or mounted marquise cut that will add elegance and sophistication to your jewelry selection.

When shopping for this cut of diamond you will find the common 2 to 1 ratio, meaning the stone is almost twice as long as it is wide. Sam’s Club can provide you with a unique selection of stones with detailed specifications including the diamond color, clarity, measurements, polish and level of symmetry. Each marquise diamond is also IGI certified and guaranteed to be a natural, non-treated and conflict free piece.

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