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Marketing materials

Marketing Materials

The right marketing materials can help your business stands out for potential customers. Sam's Club® carries everything from sign holders to business cards, helping you show off your company logo and specials.

Business Cards

Whether you're an established company or just starting out, business cards show your professionalism. A simple design that includes your business name, phone number and your name makes sure anyone you meet has a reminder to call or visit. Create your own unique style with custom cards and make sure your current and potential customers always have a way to contact you with the proper business marketing materials.

Punch cards are a great way to build brand loyalty and give back to your frequent customers. Loyalty cards reward customers for making a specific number of purchases, ensuring they come back again and again. You can create your own custom loyalty cards for foods, drinks, visits and more, helping you increase business and maintain repeat customers. You even have the option to add your own artwork so your cards show off your company's unique style and personality.

Sign Holders

Sign holders are a great way to draw the attention of anyone who is walking by. Large wall-mount sign holders let you display eye-catching images and information in ways that are sure to be noticed. Use tri-fold sign holders for conventions, setting up kiosks or listing information about upcoming events for your business. Use clear frames paired with office copy paper and highlight special promotions within different areas of the store or facility. These clear holders load easily on the side, and the durable materials ensure your signs will look great no matter how often you change them. Make sure to use bold, bright graphics and text so everyone notices your business marketing materials as they walk by.

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