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Mailers come in a variety of sizes and styles, making it simple to find the options that work best for your home or business mailing needs. Sam's Club® carries everything from self-seal mailers by Sealed Air to poly mailers by Quality Park, all at a price that fits within most budgets for mailroom and warehouse supplies.

Choosing Mailer Sizes

In most cases, adding 0.5 inches to the width of your product and 2 inches to the length will help you choose the right size mailer. Keep in mind that bubble mailers will need to be a bit larger than that to make up for the padding provided by the protective materials inside the envelope.

Padded Mailers

Padded mailers feature cushioning inside the envelope that protects your items during the mailing process. Self-seal bubble mailers protect the contents from scratches and breakage that can occur when shipping. There are options that seal along one side, or you can choose contemporary seam mailers that have a larger opening for easier packaging.

Poly Mailers

Poly mailers feature a layer of polyethylene film that provides a bright, white exterior that resists water and tearing. Poly mailers are an ideal option for making sure logos and addresses stand out against the background. Most poly mailers include bubble padding inside, ensuring the contents are safe during shipment. Self-seal poly mailers feature a pressure-sensitive seal that attaches securely and is tamper evident for added safety.

Tyvek Mailers

Tyvek is created from bonded, spun olefin that creates a lightweight, durable material. Tyvek mailers have a white, smooth exterior that is tear and water resistant. Tyvek is also sulfide and acid free, protecting documents and photos from damage. Tyvek mailers are an ideal option for mailing catalogs and other papers that need protection from rips and tears.

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