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Whether you're replacing an existing mailbox or you want to make interoffice communication easier, Sam's Club® carries mailboxes that can meet your needs.

Curbside Mailboxes

Curbside mailboxes provide an instant makeover for areas next to driveways. Consider decorative mail posts, and pair one with a matching box for a cohesive look. Combining posts and mailboxes in contrasting colors catches the eye and makes sure your box is visible. Choose a design that blends with the exterior of your home, or opt for a unique model that shows off your personality. There are also large vandal- and weather-resistant mailboxes.

Wall-Mounted Mailboxes

A wall-mounted mailbox sits beside or near the door of your home or business for easy access. These options require mounting screws and anchors for proper attachment. Wall-mounted mailboxes come in a variety of sizes and colors for a close match with the facade of your home. There are also indoor wall-mounted boxes by Sandusky that are ideal for suggestion boxes and letting employees send requests and issues to human resource personnel in a secure manner.

Mailbox Designs

Mailboxes come in nearly any design possible, including traditional models in black or white. A black mailbox post pairs well with lighter colors, while a white post makes sure your mailbox is highly visible. Consider mailboxes in unique or whimsical designs for adding a bit of fun to your curb.

Whether you're tackling a major home improvement project or you just want to get rid of that old, rusty box, Sam's Club has affordable mailboxes that help you achieve the look you want.

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