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Quality luggage is essential for any trip. The right set of luggage will allow you and your family to pack all of your clothes and other essentials and have enough room to bring back any souvenirs you might pick up. At Sam's Club® you’ll find plenty of travel luggage that ranges from lightweight luggage to luggage bags at members-only prices. Sam's Club carries brands such as Traveler's Choice, ful and Geoffrey Beene.

Luggage Sets

Perhaps the first consideration when looking for a set is to decide how many total luggage bags you'll need. If you’re just traveling alone, a simple 2- or 3-piece set of hand luggage will suit you well. This will allow you to have a carry-on luggage for an airplane cabin and then pack some other items to be checked as well. But if you’re taking extended trips with all of your family, you’ll want to invest in some of the larger sets.


Luggage sets and luggage bags all have varying numbers of zippers, pouches and compartments you can use. This not only keeps things nice and neat so you can quickly get to what you need, but also separates various clothing and items from each other. As you browse our selection of travel bags, think about whether you need separate compartments or can store everything together, and what types of items you need to separate.

Wheels, Straps and Handles

Even if your new luggage amounts to only a few lightweight suitcases, you’ll want a comfortable way to carry it all. Luggage typically has either handles, straps, wheels or a combination of the three. For lighter pieces, straps are the easiest to use and allow you to sling the item over your shoulder. However, for larger pieces or luggage that you’ll use often, you might want to invest in luggage with wheels.

Whether you need a simple duffel bag or large deluxe luggage, Sam's Club has numerous options to suit your travel needs.

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