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Loose diamonds

The 4 C’s of Diamond Buying

Choosing jewelry that is timeless and high quality should be a priority when looking for that perfect diamond. Anyone diamond shopping should become familiar with the 4 C’s of diamond Buying.

How to Buy a Diamond

Diamond Shapes

  • Emerald diamonds are rectangular with trimmed corners. Additional, supplementary stones are commonly used with emerald diamonds.
  • Pear diamonds are sometimes referred to as ‘teardrop’ diamonds. Pear diamonds are popular for pendants and earrings as well as rings. They are prime choices for engagement rings.
  • Heart diamonds are rarer than most other shapes. They are popular for earrings and pendants.
  • Marquise diamonds are slim and oval-shaped, and have tapered, pointed ends. Marquise diamonds are commonly seen in bridal sets.
  • Radiant diamonds are square-shaped with barely-trimmed corners to enhance brilliance.
  • Princess diamonds are square-shaped, yet their corners are not trimmed. They are popular diamonds for engagement rings.
  • Round diamonds are incredibly versatile and are used in a variety of engagement rings and bridal sets.
  • Oval diamonds create a strong focal point on the finger. They are used in a variety of jewelry settings.

Ring Settings for Loose Diamonds

  • Prong settings place emphasis on the diamond itself rather than the metal supporting it. The prongs hold the diamond securely while allowing the diamond to be exposed to light.
  • A bezel setting is a collar wrapped around the side of the diamond. The setting is attached to the ring and rises upward to encapsulate the diamond.
  • Channel settings are used when a ring features several diamonds around the circumference. Channel settings create a housing on both sides with the diamonds inserted in the middle.
  • Pavè settings allow the ring to appear paved in diamonds on its surface.
  • Bead settings are comparable to Pavè settings, yet the diamonds are spaced farther apart allowing the gold work to appear more prominent.

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