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Locks are an ideal way to secure specific areas of your home or business. Sam's Club® carries several different lock styles and lock boxes that make sure only authorized personnel have access to keys, money and other important items throughout the facility.

Tumbler Locks

Tumbler locks, such as those by Master Lock, feature a simple hasp that opens with the use of a key. These padlocks work well for securing sheds, supply areas, gas storage bins and ice coolers that are out of employees' sight lines. Tumbler locks feature strong hasps that resist cutting and breaking, providing security on items that don't have traditional door handles or locking devices.

Storage Locks

Combination storage locks make it simple to give others access through gates and doors. Combination locks require a four-digit code for unlocking, and have a space that holds a key inside. This protects against lost keys for machinery and other items that require a single, specific key. Landlords can use storage locks on rental properties and allow potential renters to view the home, even when they aren't available to give a guided tour. Many storage locks let you choose your own code, ensuring you don't forget the number when you need it most.

Digital Door Locks

Digital door locks are an important part of office safety and security. These locks require a code for anyone who enters. Some models feature a keyed lock paired with a keypad, ensuring entry if the code is lost or forgotten. Digital door locks are an ideal solution for restricted areas. There are also digital door locks by Yale that use Bluetooth and an app for locking and unlocking. This eliminates the need for a key and makes sure permitted persons can enter the premises whenever necessary. All the user has to do is access the application, enter their personal code and turn their smart phone in the proper direction for locking and unlocking.

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