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Disposable, Multi-Purpose, & Mini Lighters

Why do you need lighters? For one, they are a lot more convenient than matches, which fold or break easily and can often be a trial to light and keep lit. Disposable lighters from Sam’s Club are easy to use and so inexpensive that you can easily replace one if it gets lost, broken or runs out of fuel.

In fact, Sam’s Club offers 56 count packs of lighters and mini lighters that come in their own attractive tray, so you really never have to worry about where your next lighter is coming from. Just order your lighters, pick them up, keep them in a visible location, and grab one whenever you need it.

While disposable lighters are most often used for lighting cigars and cigarettes, we at Sam’s Club know that lighters have plenty of other purposes as well, from offering temporary illumination to lighting candles, grills and fireplaces. For your convenience, Sam’s Club also offers affordable multi-purpose lighters, with long wands so that you can easily get your flame into hard to reach places without putting your hands at risk.

Don’t put yourself through any more stress looking for matches or trying to find that one lighter that may have slipped through the cushions on the couch. Order a full supply of affordable, practical, disposable and multi-purpose lighters from Sam’s Club today.

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